Site Rules

Please be sure to abide by the following site rules at all times

These rules are here to protect you and our fish, and to ultimately allow you to have an enjoyable and safe experience. We hope that you enjoy your angling experience here. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mark on +44 7811 954424

This fishery is under 24-hour recorded CCTV and Surveillance. Anyone caught damaging or attempting to steal fish will be prosecuted.


1. All Anglers must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence 

2. All Anglers must purchase the correct ticket on arrival

3. Every Angler must be in possession of a suitably sized landing and unhooking mat

4. 2 rods only on pleasure lake and 1 on traditional lake

5. Barbless hooks only on these lakes

6. Safety rigs and lead clips must be used if ledgering especially for the carp. The management reserve the right to check your rigs at any stage

7. No fish over 2lb to be kept in keep nets

8. No braided mainlines

9. No nuts to be used whatsoever on these lakes

10. Do not leave rods unattended (to cover yourself remember the environment Agency regulations)

11. No fires allowed. Disposable Barbeques allowed on gravelled areas only

12. Do not attempt to prune, cut or damage the trees and vegetation

13. All litter is to be cleared from and around your swim and either taken with you or deposited in the bins provided

14. Please keep noise to a minimum and respect other anglers

15. Please do not interfere with the wildlife

16. Please keep the gate into the lake area shut at all times

17. Sorry, no dogs allowed

18. We reserve the right to carry out maintenance at any time

19. Anyone found taking or damaging fish will be prosecuted. Remember this fishery is under 24 hour recorded CCTV


1. Every angler must be in posession of a valid Environment Agency license

2. Every angler must be in posession of the correct ticket or paid prior to fishing

3. No spectators or visitors after 8pm or dusk (whichever falls first), unless prior permission has been granted

4. No one is to enter or leave the site between the hours of 9pm and 7am

5. The gate code is to be given out by Management only, and not to anyone who is not booked on

6. The gate must be closed and locked at all times, anyone seen leaving it open will be asked to leave the fishery

7. Prior booking of swims is required to fish this lake, with pre-payment on weekends

8. Every angler must be in possession of a landing net, minimum size 42-inch, and a large unhooking mat - preferably cradle or mat, with raised sides and a good amount of padding

9. A retention sling must be used if you wish to remive the fish from the water, please do not lift the fish out in the net. Keep handling down to a minimum and return to the water ASAP

10. A suitable carp care kit must be used on every hook hold and any damage spotted on the body

11. If you have any snagged fish, please call a member of staff. We are more than happy to row out and rescue a fish at any time, please do not pull for a break

12. All nets, slings, stink bags etc. must be completely dry on arrival. If they are not, please contact a member of staff for disinfecting of equipment before setting up

13. Barbed or micro barbed hooks MUST be used and at a minimum size of 6

14. Minimum 12lb breaking strain line, no braided mainlines except for spod or marker

15. No leadcore leaders. Rig tubing or safezone leaders must be used where possible in conjunction with leadclips or free running rigs/leads

16. No sacking or retaining of fish. 10 minutes in a properly secured retention sling to rest the fish or prepare for photos is allowed if seen totally necessary

17. No fishing for any species other than carp unless prior permission is granted

18. No nuts to be used whatsoever

19. Fishing is limited to your booked swim only, anyone seen casting to another swim or past an island or feature will be removed immediately

20. Please do not damage the trees or vegetation

21. Please keep your swim tidy, take away as much rubbish as possible and use the provided bins

22. No fires allowed. Disposable BBQs can be used on suitable areas but please take them home with you, do not put them in the bins

23. Do not leave rods unattended, the swim next to you is the maximum distance we allow (exclusing swims 6 and 7)

24. Please keep noise and excessive drinking to a minimum and respect other anglers

25. No one under the age of 18 may fish this lake

26. No dogs are allowed

27. We reserve the right to carry out maintenance at any time

28. We reserve the right to check rigs and equipment at any time. Anyone breaking any rules will be made to leave the fishery with immediate effect, with no refund

29. Any fees paid are non-refundable. If you cancel your booking, you will lose the money you have paid